Category: Mission

  • Advanced Chess Board: Special Fields

    Advanced Chess Board: Special Fields

    Use special chess fields to freeze enemies, move twice, or move like a queen. Explore an abundance of chess quests and puzzles. The ChessMissions app provides more than 60 missions, which feature new game modes and chess variants.

  • Territory War

    Territory War

    Strategic Positioning: Occupy all colored territories to win. Win in this new chess game mode by occupying all colored territories. But don’t forget to protect your king. In the end, it is all about strategic positioning of your chess pieces. Can you find the path to rule all territories?

  • Zombie Mode

    Zombie Mode

    Beaten enemies will join you in the zombie mode. Find the right strategy to increase your troops and finally catch the opponent’s king.

  • Fort Attack

    Fort Attack

    Attack the enemy fort before your fort gets invaded. This chess variant adds a new thrill to the traditional board game. You can win this game either by catching the opponent’s king, or by invading his fort. This means that you win, if you step onto his fort with one of your chess pieces. But…

  • Capture the Flag

    Capture the Flag

    Win by capturing a flag and bringing it back to your base. Your aim is to secure your flag and bring it back to your base. But make sure that the enemy does not catch your king in the meantime.

  • Teleportation Fields

    Teleportation Fields

    Surprise your opponent by teleporting your chess pieces to other board squares. This chess mission makes your pieces swift and threatening to your opponent: teleport your piece to other areas of the board and make your play style non-predictable. You can only teleport your chess pieces to teleportation fields of the same color.

  • Assassins Quest

    Assassins Quest

    Use multiple queens to assassinate the opponent’s king. Sneak through the lines of enemy pieces in order to catch the opponent’s king.

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale

    By commanding more chess pieces than in a classical chess game, you aim to fight the enemy in an epic battle.